Pure love

There is nothing on this earth as magical as pure, unconditional love, and some people have the ability to love harder and love more than others. This little family are those people. Those that knows me also know that I believe in fairytales and romance and seeing with my heart. And what I saw was a mom to a little baby girl  but also a queen to her king, I saw a warrior protecting what is his but with the gentleness of an angel and I saw a baby who knows nothing but pure love. I fell in love with this little girl’s smile and energy. She is the cutest little thing that will make you fall in love by just spending some time with her.  Louise and Bertus, you are a prime example of what family should be and your little princess are one lucky young lady to have you as her parents. And Granny Fiona, I am honoured to call you a friend for many years, you have a beautiful family and the pink flower is for you especially  <3 I hope everyone can see what I saw by looking at these pictures.

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