before the dance

I was never really prepared for this day, simply because in my mind and heart she was still my little baby girl!  No matter how often you look at your kids or how they change right in front of your eyes on a daily basis!! they stay the little girl /boy forever. Or at least mine does and then all of a sudden one day you look at them and you wonder, who is this young woman standing in front of me? she looks like my baby girl but she is all grown up and that is the moment that you cry!! you cry because you are sad that she is no longer a baby, you cry because you are so proud of the woman she has become and you cry because in that moment you realise that every prayer you have ever said from the instant that you knew she was growing in your womb till that very moment…has been answered. There is no love like the love that you feel for your kids and I thank God every day for mine. Nicole, you are a blessing in our lives, a ray of sunshine on the cloudiest days and you bring light into the lives of every single being you meet. You have grown into a beautiful woman that we are so proud of!! thank you for being ours and for loving like you do.

We love you so very much……


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