ABOUT | the photographer

I am a hopeless romantic, adventure seeker and photographer.Having always had a passion for photography, I have been living my dream of being a professional photographer since 2008 and I am loving every single moment! Specialising in boudoir portraiture and wedding photography gives me the opportunity to capture those beautiful moments with some amazing people in it. I especially love meeting new people and exploring new places. It is truly one of the greatests priviliges to spend time with new friends and getting the oppertunity to capture a moment and bring a memory to life.

I always have a camara with me, if it is not one of my nikons then it is my  iphone and I'm always nagging my family and friends for photos or stopping at random places to take a quick photo but I am sure they totally love me for it.Thank you for visiting, I look forward to meeting you with a cup of coffee of a glass of wine in hand and I am sure we will have lots to talk about!!



authentic • timeless • light

Authentic.... life should be about being true to yourself and the moment, I love being around people who aren't ashamed to show their emotions and true beauty because it is in those moments  that we create absolute magic and capture beautiful memories.

Timeless.... I believe in tradition, your portraits should stand the test of time and you should love them as much in future as you do now.

Light.... seek light, be the light and when people look at your images they should be able to experience those moments as if they were a part of it.